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What Is Eye Gap?

Eye Gap is an analytics platform for your website.

How Does the Eye Gap Platform Work?

Mastering the art of audience engagement is key, yet uncovering the overlooked elements of your site that miss the mark is equally imperative. Enter Eye Gap: your digital spotlight, revealing not only the pages that mesmerize your audience but also those hidden corners of your site awaiting transformation. We guide you through a journey of discovery and refinement, ensuring every aspect of your website shines with captivating potential.

Our comprehensive analysis provides an insightful, two-pronged approach to understanding your website's performance. On the one hand, we reveal the 'hits' - the pages that effectively engage your visitors. This lets you know what's working, helping you replicate the successful elements across your site.

On the other hand, we shed light on the 'misses' - the pages that are falling short of visitor engagement. Rather than leaving these pages in the dark, we give you the information you need to understand why they might be underperforming. This empowers you to reassess your content, design, or user interface strategy on these pages, improving their potential to contribute to your site's overall success.

Ultimately, the true power of Eye Gap lies in the comprehensive view it offers. By illuminating both the highlights and areas of improvement on your site, we equip you with the knowledge to make balanced, informed decisions for your website optimization.

We offer:

1. A Meaningful Way to Measure Your Site's Performance

2. Simplicity

3. Ease of Use

Why Eye Gap Is Different?

Eye Gap analyzes user engagement on your website, enabling you to pinpoint the content that's garnering attention and that which isn't.

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Analytics to See What You've Been Missing

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